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Data Farm

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Data Farm is desgned to support management decisions and planning by gathering, processing and distributing the widest possible range of enterprise data. The data sources are systems that drive services, such as the Integrated Library System, courseware, server logs, applicaton databases, and third-party data from COUNTER and other sources. Data Farm also ingests event data reported by staff as they provide research and instructional aid to students and faculty.


Underlying Data Farm is a tiered architecture developed by the Penn Libraries. It consists of processes that extract raw transactional data from production systems, then decode, normalize and ready inputs for inclusion in a queriable, integrated data repository. Data Farm is the top layer of this technology stack, which allows staff to build dynamic reports and follow dashboards. It also supports adminstrative functions for developers to create new data processing routines and new data structure within the repository.




Data Farm's present technology platform was developed with the support of the Institute for Museum and Library Services. This framework, known as MetriDoc, improves the extensibility and sustainability of our management information services. We invite academic and commercial developers to examine MetriDoc and to contribute to its functionality. We also look forward to the potential development of business intelligence services around MetriDoc. For information in getting started with the MetriDoc framework or exploring partnerships in assessment and BI technology for libraries, drop us a line,


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ILLiad: Transaction summary for Penn ILL lending and borrowing.








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